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The September 5, 2022 session of the NPI series, "Ask What You Want to Know" on "Security in the Digital Age: The Future of Space, Cyber, and Advanced Technology"

The NPI "Ask What You Want to Know" series is a forum in which leading researchers discuss issues of current interest and field questions from attendees. The war between Russia and Ukraine, which has been called a "hybrid war," has brought a new era of warfare into reality, including information warfare using disinformation on the Internet, cyberattacks aimed at paralyzing satellite communications, electronic interference with GPS, and attacks using unmanned aerial vehicles. In addition, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) proposed that its National Security Strategy to be revised by December 2022 include new ways of fighting using advanced technology, strengthening capabilities in the space, cyber, and electromagnetic domains, responding to hybrid warfare, and strengthening the space security system. What is the future vision of security in the digital age? In this session of "Ask What You Want to Know," the future vision of security in space, cyberspace, and advanced technology were discussed with two experts who have experience in the field of security policy.


Mori Satoru, Senior Research Fellow, NPI; Faculty of Law, Keio University


Nagashima Jun, Senior Research Advisor, NPI; Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Security Studies, National Defense Academy of Japan; Director, Japan Institute for Space and Security (JISS)

Osawa Jun, Senior Research Fellow, NPI; Board member, Kajima Peace Institute; Cyber Project Coordinator, Sasakawa Peace Foundation

Active discussion was held with the participation of attendees from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, various government agencies, corporations, and mass media. After organizing questions from the audience, the session was divided into three parts: "Russia-Ukraine War," "Space, Cyber, and Advanced Technology," and "Issues Relating to Japan," and the panelists were asked the following questions.

Russia-Ukraine War

1.How would you assess Russia's hybrid attack on Ukraine?

2.What new aspects of warfare have emerged in the Russia-Ukraine war in terms of security in the digital age?

Space, Cyber, and Advanced Technology

3.From the perspective of security, what trends should be noted in the utilization of advanced technology in the cyber domain?

4.What are the efforts to deal with disinformation and fake news in Japan and other countries?

5.What is Japan's hybrid warfare capability?

Issues Relating to Japan

6.What are the most important issues that politics should address in strengthening Japan's resilience against cyberattacks as a nation?

7.Should Japan aim to further strengthen the National center of Incident readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC) or should it launch a Cyber Agency?

8.From the perspective of the most important issue for Japanese society, "security in the digital age," what should Japanese society as a whole be most aware of now?

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