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Nakasone Peace Institute "Digital Technology and Economy/Finance" 2020 5th & 6th workshop

Nakasone Peace Institute held two workshops of the Study Group "Digital Technology and Economics/Finance" at the web-conference on Monday, October 26th and Thursday, October 29th, 2020.


The themes were " Challenges in Technological Innovation with respect to International Cooperation and Collaboration" (5th) and ""The shapes of international collaboration in ICT" (6th).

The speakers were Prof. Shin Ito (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology:5th), Ms. Naoko Mori (Senior Researcher, JSPMI: 5th), Ms. Etsuko Yoshida (Research Fellow, Osaka University:5th), Dr. Namiko Matsushita (Associate Professor, Nagoya Sangyo University:6th) and Mr. Hideki Ohmichi (EVP, Japan ICT Fund:6th).


Please see here for the detail.

http://www.iips.org/en/publications/2020/11/16153752.html (5th)

http://www.iips.org/en/publications/2020/11/16154320.html (6th)


The past events could be found in the following links:

○The 1st workshop, "Big Tech and Finance - China and US/Europe"


○The 2nd Workshop, " The New ICT R&D Strategy for Japan in the 2020s "


○The 3rd Workshop, " The Crisis and Vulnerability of the International Financial System in the COVID-19 Era "


○The 4th workshop, "International Risk Resilience in the Digital Age: Insurance and Cooperation"


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