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『Asia-Pacific Review』 Vol. 23, No. 2(NOVEMBER 2016) を刊行しました

◆The Constitution of Japan and Constitutional Reform TAKESHI INOUE

◆The Bank of Japan's Monetary Policy Lacks a Strong Driving Force for Building Inflation Expectations: A Proposal for the Achievement of Labor-Management Agreement on Inflation Target of 2% and Base Wage Increases of 2% NOBUTOSHI KITAURA

◆The Mindanao Conflict: Efforts for Building Peace through Development NAOYUKI OCHIAI

◆How the East Asian Crisis Will Change International Relations ARTHUR WALDRON

◆Maritime Security in the Region: SCS and ECS as Key Arenas for Converging Political Interests YOJI KODA

◆"The Chinese Dream" and Chinese Foreign and Security Policies--Rosy Rhetoric versus Harsh Realities AXEL BERKOFSKY

◆Can Countries Establish Sovereignty over the Internet? KANJI AMEMIYA



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