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『Asia-Pacific Review』 Vol. 24, No. 2(NOVEMBER 2017) を刊行しました

◆Upon the 70th Anniversary of the Constitution: Summary of Debate on the Constitution of Japan YASUHIRO NAKASONE

◆The Trump Administration--Four Myths-- ICHIRO FUJISAKI

◆Twenty-Five Years of Japanese Peacekeeping Operations and the Self-Defense Forces' Mission in South Sudan KAZUTO SUZUKI

◆Toward China's "Hub and Spokes" in Southeast Asia? - Diplomacy during the Hu Jintao and First Xi Jinping Administrations SHIN KAWASHIMA

◆Lao Wisdom as "Buffer State" in an Emerging Mekong Regional Economy - How a Small Country Behaves among Big Countries - HIROYUKI KISHINO

◆The Escalation of State Sponsored Cyberattack and National Cyber Security Affairs: Is Strategic Cyber Deterrence the Key to Solving the Problem? JUN OSAWA



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